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We’re thrilled to present a remarkable project that embodies our dedication to superior home design and construction. This stunning home in Burlington, WI, epitomizes the amalgamation of style, luxury, and comfort, with its contemporary elements and thoughtful detailing.

Open-Concept Floor Plan – Awe-Inspiring Living Spaces

Evoking a sense of seamless integration, the open floor plan combines various living spaces gracefully. This design fosters a conducive environment for social gatherings and imparts a feeling of spaciousness, marking the essence of modern residential design.

Natural Light & Modern Kitchen – Breathtakingly Beautiful

Large windows and glass doors are notable design features that let an abundance of natural light bathe the rooms. The kitchen showcases a large island with a marble countertop, and the striking contrast of dark-wood cabinetry against the brightness makes for an inviting atmosphere.

Bathrooms & Sliding Barn Doors – A Blend of Elegance and Character

The bathrooms boast modern fixtures with a combination of textures patterns, creating a sleek and hygiene essential appeal. Meanwhile, the sliding barn doors add a rustic charm, constituting a practical, space-saving, and unique character to the home’s interior design.

Flooring & Minimalist Color Palette – Exuding Warmth and Openness

The use of hardwood flooring in varied hues intensifies the rustic-modern ambiance of the home. The neutral color palette of the walls and fixtures complement the natural wood and stone elements, expanding the sense of openness and tranquillity throughout the dwelling.

If you dream of a custom home that mirrors your lifestyle and aesthetic, and you’re in Burlington, WI, or the surrounding areas, we can help make it a reality. Dial 262-471-1021 now and discover how Bower Design & Construction can create the home you’ve always wanted!

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